1. What comes to your mind when you hear the word RISK ?

2. Assuming normal course of action, you expect your investments to:

3. If your train pass expires and you have urgent office meeting to attend, would you:

4. If you have to choose from the following what will you choose:

5. You lost 25% of your money in Equity Investments when markets are down by 25% too:

6. What describes your attitude towards investments:

7. How easily would you adjust your lifestyle to adverse financial situation:

8. You have invested in financial products would you check its value:

9. With whose recommendations do you invest your hard earned money:

10. How familiar are you with investment matters ?

11. Which of these following describe your current stage of life:

12. Describe time horizon of your investments:

13. Describe liquidity (Payout) needs from investment portfolio:

14. Investment Objective: